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we begin with gary nurenberg live in upper marlboro on the prince george's county executive race there. >> reporter: lesli, as you know, a lot of energy spend in this race, a lot of money spend in this race, a lot of -- expended in this race, a lot of interest in this race but so far the numbers don't show it. turnout by 30:00 this afternoon -- 3:00 this afternoon was only 9% of eligible voters. about 15,000 county residents had voted earlier last week. it is a race for county executive that is drawing the most attention. there are five candidates to replace term limited jack johnson with sheriff michael jackson and rashard baker seen as the frontrunners. >> we operate on a 3es, education, economic development and alternative energy. >> reporter: baker talks about leadership skills. >> importantly for us, education is something that i've worked on for the last seven years, hands-on
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experience recruiting teachers. i think that's going to make the difference for us in the race. >> reporter: numbers are not extraordinarily high so far but as rush-hour now, people on the way home from work, a couple hours left to vote, then the counting and lesli, as you know, we will be on top of it all night long. >> we know you will, gary. thank you for that. we know the turnout has been low in d.c. too. that's where bruce johnson is following the mayoral race and the other races there. he just wrapped up an interview with mayor adrian fenty so we are going to get that to you later in the show and of course we are following all the local races online at tune in tonight at 11:00 for the full race results. your future is in your hands. your life is what you make of it and nothing, absolutely nothing is beyond your reach. >> for a second year, president obama delivered a message to children across the nation and his message, work hard and dream big. mr. obama chose a successful
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school in philadelphia for his back-to-school pep talk. schools across the country had the option to show the speech in the classroom. last year conservatives accused of president of using his young audience to push politics. israeli palestinian peace talks moving in the right direction. that is the word from president obama's mideast envoy. >> all of us reaffirmed our commitment to reaching a shared goal of a just, lasting and secure peace. >> leaders are in egypt for round two of negotiation. the biggest hurdle remains the dispute over jewish settlements in the west bank. the settlements are built on land palestinians want for a state. israel's freeze on new building there expires at the end of the month. u.s. leaders are pressuring israel to extend the moratorium. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu offered a compromise, but palestinians have threatened to quit talking if the building resumes. a 14 month nightmare is now
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over for sarah shourd. after days of conflicting reports, she was released from iran. she and two other americans were held on spying charges. shourd thanks iran's president for her freedom before boarding a plane for oman. >> i feel myself i have a huge debt to repay the world for what it's done for me and my first priority is to help my fiance, shane bauer and my friend josh fattal to gain their freedom because they don't deserve to be in prison anymore. >> iran is still holding those two hiking companions. the trio was picked up along the iran-iraq border more than a year ago and accused of spying. one of two pedestrians hit by a car in adams morgan has died. 26-year-old julia bikelightner of austria. the car hit the two pedestrians as they stood on an island last wednesday night. it was near the intersection of 18th street and florida
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avenue. that car then continued across florida avenue and then crashed into the front of a small restaurant. no one was inside. police arrested the driver shamika adams of mitchellville maryland and according to court papers her blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. well, a warning, this video you're about to see may be disturbing. this man was stung more than 1000 times by bees. we will have his terrifying story after the break. plus. the hair fight at one middle school. a mother's struggle to keep her child in class. we will tell you more about that. but first. >> clouds are still dissipating but a nice evening across the metro area. you can access the almanac on our website at pretty close to average, 84 and 65 goes in the books. average is 80 and 63. record for today, 94. record low, 46. we will come back, we will talk about some morning commutes and look ahead to the weekend. the redskins are in town. stay tuned. think about the internet.
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why do you fix your hair the way you fix it. >> marsha's 6th grade son has been suspended from school for refusing to cut his hair. they live in a small texas town but their case is getting national attention. his hair is a little past his shoulder and because of that he has been confined to one room inside the school on suspension and he's been stuck there for 14 weeks. >> what about pregnant teenagers? how does that look with them walking around your school and what does that say to every other teenaged girl? when does it come down to the child's merits, not the way they look? >> well, the school dress code is clear, boys are not permitted to have hair beyond share shoulders and the
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superintendent says the school will continue to follow that policy. well, a man is stung more than 1200 times by a swarm of bees. can you imagine the pain? well, these pictures we are about to show you may be a little tough to see. lamar lacozi's eyes are swollen shut. he is in constant pain. he was out mowing the lawn when the bees attacked. the hive was in an old water heater he was just about to clean. >> i had to spit all of them out so i could breathe. and then they got up my nose and down in my ears. >> the experts say this time of year is notorious for attacks. apparently the bees get agitated by vibrations from things like mowers and they feel they must swarm as a way to protect their queen. coming up after the break, a $250 million coupon scheme. it pays to stick around for this consumer alert. but first, here's a preview
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of tonight's cbs evening news. the largest oil spill to hit the midwest and the company now accused of deceptive tactics by homeowners. our exclusive investigation tonight only on the cbs evening news. 9 news now is brought to you by south carolina, truly made for vacation.
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. who could forget the winter of 2010, left its mark all across our region and among the casualties, a prince william county ice rink. as lindsey mastis reports, that's about to change. >> everyone was able to get out. no one got hurt. >> reporter: it was where they practiced and played until the february blizzard when the prince william ice center collapsed under the weight of the snow. this group had nowhere to go. >> it was like a loss of our family. >> it was like my second home. >> reporter: the prince william hockey club had toism proceed
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advise -- improvise. but next month, they will have a new place to call home in hey market. the hardest part was finding a place that would fit an 85 by 200-foot ice rink. turns out this lumber storage facility did the trick. >> they brought sledge hammers and gloves, we provided them with helmets and safety glasses, and even some kids came out to help. >> reporter: the organization used $400,000 in membership dues to build their own rink. they are hoping to put the ice down this week. >> i know they are going to all look forward to the day that the first skate steps on the ice. >> reporter: in hey market, i'm lindsey mastis. >> the prince william ice center is also hoping to rebuild and they hope to build astate-of-the-art facility next year. this story is under the where you live section on and that is where you can check out more news that is happening in your neighborhood. two people charged with murdering a fairfax virginia man have pleaded not guilty.
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the suspect are george huggins and his fiance housley. the victim was shot to death last july during a robbery in downtown oakland, california and he was visiting that area for a job interview at google. congressional investigators say an iowa egg farm at the center of a salmonella outbreak received hundreds of positive results for salmonella before its eggs sickened more than 1500 people. a house committee says its investigators obtained records showing that wright county egg received 426 positive results for salmonella between 2008 and this year. the company recalled 380 million eggs last month after its eggs were linked to hundreds of illnesses. the owner of wright county egg is scheduled to testify before congress next week. see it coupon here? it's little. it's really little but it cost manufacturers big bucks just to give you a break at the checkout. tonight we learn that the former chief financial officer for the nation's largest coupon
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processor pleaded guilty to being involved in a scheme with others that cost manufacturers, get this, $250 million. coupons. the scheme forced companies to pay for coupons that would have been rejected because they were fake. so to make sure that you have the real thing, the coupon information center says just don't pay for coupons. and you want to stay away from free coupons that you have to print on your computer. also, check cic's website for a list of current counterfeit listings. in prince george's county, bus drivers who operate a line called the bus are on strike for a second day and they say they are not coming back to work until their demands are met. they want better job security, health insurance, higher wages and the company that operates the service says it's brought in workers from other areas to drive some of the routes. about 14,000 people use that service every day. a bus strike is going to make it pretty difficult to get around. what else are you seeing tonight? >> that's right, a bus strike
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would stop traffic as well as rush-hour would, we are tracking delays in and around the metro area for you. first stop, 495 north of town, still a parking lot. at university over to route 50, so close to 40 minutes right there. heading south on 395 and 95, all lanes open but on 95 going to be slow in two spots from here over the lorton and dump fries to the triangle. looking at other big races, you just wrapped up an interview with mayor adrian fenty. catch us up. >> reporter: we talked to the mayor of wisconsin and had to hurry back over here. we are outside of shepherd elementary school northwest, it's been low to moderate throughout the day but about 10 minutes ago it picked up as people got off work, they are now starting to show up here. we will get back to the turnout in just a minute. we want to talk about what vincent gray has done. short time ago he filed a form
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all complaint with the -- formal complaint with the board of elections. he wants them to extend the hours for voting tonight from 8:00 until 9:00, 10:00, the board will decide. he's made that formal request because of the problems they have had with voting machines throughout the day in some 15 precincts they have had problems with the sample ballots, with the paper ballots, with the touch screens and vincent gray is concerned because it's city wide that there might be a serious problem and that a lot of people may have left the polling place without voting. vincent gray has submitted a letter to the board of elections and ethics asking them to extend the hours tonight past that 8:00 p.m. deadline. let's hear from vincent gray and we have got the mayor responding to that. >> we are simply trying to make sure that in the city that is uniquely disenfranchised that people have the opportunity to vote. we don't want people to be discouraged. those who want to vote in this election should have every opportunity. >> bottom line i said it's up to the board of elections. whatever they decide we are going to live with obviously. >> reporter: and what you see
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out here, you're confident with? you like the turn out? >> we have been in five of the eight wards so far. we are excited to get to more of them. it takes a lot of time to answer questions from the media. >> reporter: from reporters. >> so you can't move as fast as you want. >> reporter: you're confident you're going to overcome the 17- point poll lead? do you think it's gone? >> yeah, no, we are. >> reporter: okay. the mayor is confident. earlier outside fourth district police headquarters, i talked to vincent gray who said he's confident also. turnout, low to moderate throughout the day beginning this morning. that was of concern to vincent gray's people. they expected a big turnout. he was very much concerned about his supporters becoming complacent thinking this thing was in the bag and staying at home. fenty was telling me in private a low turnout would be to their advantage. we don't know why there's a low turnout and if it's going to pick up throughout the city as it is right now. one of the reasons might be more than 22,000 people have
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already cast ballots in early voting. that's something the city's never done before. it will be interesting to see how that factored in. lesli that's about it for now. back to you. >> it is your civic duty to cast a vote. >> reporter: yes. >> when you are supposed to vote. i voted, you voted and you can't blame it on the weather. the weather was great. >> perfect. a little windy but that won't keep people from voting. >> we are looking at actually a nice stretch of weather tomorrow. we are looking at temperatures a little bit above average. forecast first, sunshine tomorrow, we will say low 80s for tomorrow and then low 80s on thursday. we got a drop on thursday, i wouldn't get real excited. i wouldn't cancel any golf plans or anything like that. low 80s, mostly showers late thursday, thursday night. nice on friday again. temperatures near 80 with partly cloudy skies. we will break down tomorrow for you and to start it will be cool. mid-60s downtown, but mid-50s in the suburbs, partly cloudy, nicely bunch time. and then 82 by evening under partly cloudy skies. not as windy tomorrow either.
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temperatures right now 77 downtown, 77 in manassas, still 81 in leesburg and 81 in frederick. for tonight, partly cloudy and cool, low temperatures 52 to about 62 and winds north- northwest at about 10. so hopefully you've had your ac off for a while, you can keep it off. we go up 270 north, 55 tonight for a low in rockfield, 53 in gaithersburg. downtown and around the beltway comfortable, upper 50s and low 50s. 56 in reston, 54 in sterling and 52 out toward leesburg. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and cool, temperatures in the 50s and 60s to start and winds westerly at 10 so winds not a factor tomorrow really. partly cloudy and pleasant by afternoon, high temperatures low 80s, winds northwesterly at 10, air quality code green. that is good air quality and that's essentially what we are going to see now. as we get into fall, it generally stays in the good to
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moderate range. 82 downtown, 82 in rockville. 81 in buoy, 80 in leesburg and 80 also in manassas with partly cloudy skies. satellite picture, radar combined, this is igor, he's a monster. look at that eye. that is classic. you can stick that in a textbook really. category 4 storm headed toward bermuda, as far as we are concerned, clouds pushing through now. the frontal system to our south that went through earlier today and it was moisture star, didn't have much bite to it. here's igor. still a category 4, sustained winds 145, gusts to 180. now, as he begins to turn more to the northwest and then to the north and head toward bermuda it will encounter a little colder water. that's good. should be a category 3. earlier today they thought a category 2 as it passes just to the west of bermuda, sometime on sunday afternoon. it will be affecting the islands, though, as early as saturday night, pretty much through sunday afternoon. and because it's so close and
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because it's so strong, i think we are looking at some more swells along the eastern seaboard as we get into the weekend. much like danielle did when it passed to the east of bermuda. zone forecast tomorrow, 70 in oakland if you're luckily, more likely 69, 78 if cumberland, 83 in culpepper, very nice. downtown low 80s, only 80 around the water but there's no small craft advisory for tomorrow. next seven days, 82 on thursday. nice on friday. actually, warming up over the weekend. hardly football weather. 84 on saturday, 83 on sunday, but we will take it. it will be dry. 4:00 game watch it right here on channel 9 and it warms up next week. we are talking upper 80s, maybe a shower by next tuesday. seems clinton portis has come down with a case of foot in mouth. >> he said some rather outlandish things over the years. this isn't outlandish, this is dumb and i like clinton. his legs were fine on sunday. it is his mouth that is getting
6:23 pm
him in trouble tonight. the football world and the world in general reacts be to his ridiculous comments. plus when a touchdown is not really a touchdown, see the one the refs missed. 9 sports next.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in
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town. >> it was just last friday that we talked about how under the radar clinton portis has been this off-season rededicating himself to his fitness and football and keeping his mouth shut. well, he opened it again this morning and strange things started pouring out of it. he was making his radio appearance when he was asked to comment on the new york jets controversy wherein players and coaches made sexually charged comments with a female reporter. instead of playing it safe, portis claimed that women in the locker room are a giant distraction who create sexual tension with the players and vice versa. >> in the locker room with three guys and all of a sudden you see a nice woman in the locker room, i think [ indiscernible ] >> you put a woman and you give her a choice of 53 athletes, she's going to want somebody. i don't know what kind of woman won't. >> oh dear. he he issued a hasty apology through the team but not before
6:27 pm
the nfl slapped him around a little. the commissioner said that portis' comments were offensive and they plan to talk to him about what he said. our facebook page pack blowing up -- page is blowing up. rich falcon says miss sainz, the reporter is a publicity hound. she is painting herself as a victim. you can't have it both ways. as for the redskins on the field, the team was off today as they reset for their week 2 game against houston and that means another killer test for rookie trent williams. the first-round pick had to block cowboys pro bowler demarcus ware this past sunday and now he will have to block mario williams and so far the coach thinks the kid is holding his own. >> i thought for trent's first game in the national football league he did a very good job.
6:28 pm
you can see his athletic ability both in the running game and passing game and to go against demarcus ware throughout the majority of the game was quite impressive. >> game 3 for maryland this saturday and here's hoping you enjoyed last weekend's 62-3 spanking against morgan state because it will not be that easy against west virginia. the mountaineers are ranked 21st in the nation at the moment, stand 2-0. maryland has lost their last four meetings against their neighbors to the rest and given recruiting implication and the possibility of going 3-0 this is a huge one. >> to play, you know, in a game as the more we win, the bigger the games get and i think this is a very good game for us -- very big game for us, i think we will learn about who we are after this game. we are just three days away from the latest addition of -- this clip comes from jasmine knight. she captures cornell duncan rolling to his left and diving
6:29 pm
across the line for the touchdown. rev falls down -- ref falls down over there. high schoolers if you want to be a campus correspondent, get a free flip cam and maybe win a college scholarship, log onto, click on high school to apply. tonight this was from the notre dame michigan game over the weekend. t.j. jones with a 53-yard touchdown reception for notre dame. the irish fans are going crazy. but look at the replay. he drops the ball before he crosses the line. that should not have been a touchdown. that should have been a fumble. but the revs did not see -- refs did not see that and so it was a touchdown but we know better, don't we? >> that's right. that's it for us. katie couric is next. we will see you at 7:00, we will have election cut-ins throughout the night and complete race coverage at 11:00. have a great night. >> couric: tonight, an american held by iran for more than a

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